GANSU, October 22, 2012 – Gansu is among the provinces with the widest and severest land desertification in China. By the end of 2009, Gansu reported 192,100 km of desertified land, which represented 45.12% of the province’s total land area and was distributed in 37 counties (county-level cities and districts) under ten cities or prefectures of the province.

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Program progress

In 2000, the program was focused on the pilot trials, it is an urgent program which was decided and started implementation in the same year. According to the decision by the State Council, in order to prepare for wide extension of the program, 8 key areas for treatment were identified in 4 different types of regions and 66 experiment and demonstration projects of 7 categories were identified according to actual conditions of each key area. With careful preparation by the State Forestry Administration, effective models of treatment and applied techniques were identified, laying a firm foundation for the full implementation of the program.

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Scope and tasks of the program

The sandstorm source control program in Beijing-Tianjin region was approved by the State Council in June 2000 considering the worsening desertification severe damages by sandstorms and fragile ecological conditions in the capital city and its surrounding areas, the objective of the program was to improve the ecological environment in the capital city and upgrade the international status of Beijing for a green Olympics and secured harmonious economic and social development in the region, through measures of vegetation protection, tree and grass planting, land conversion from farmland back to forestland, integrated catchment and grassland management and ecological resettlements.

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